FIEG, putting industry first

Helping to change Brazilian companies into global companies

The International Business Center (CIN) is the international area of the Federation of Industries of State of Goiás (FIEG), which promotes the internationalization of companies from Goiás, through a set of services customized to the needs of these companies, as well as defending the interests of industry in its international performance.

CIN / FIEG counts on foreign trade specialists who develop linked and complementary solutions for the different levels of international maturity of the companies in Goiás.

With the CIN / FIEG’s support, companies acquire know-how and desirable conditions for safe and successful entry into increasingly competitive global markets. In addition, they are better aware of your real business opportunities and increase your relationship with customers and partners abroad.

CIN / FIEG is part of the Network of International Business Centers, present in the 26 Brazilian states and Federal District, coordinated nationally by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI).

The services and products offered by CIN:

Courses – Be prepared for the challenges of international markets and deepen your knowledge of specific topics.

Consultancy and advice – Make a business plan for internationalization, learn about logistics operation processes or clear doubts with experts.

Business Intelligence – Know where are the main commercial opportunities, its export price and potential customers abroad. Learn more at:

Adequacy for the global market – Know the necessary adequacies and adapt your products and processes to requirements of other markets and international production standards.

Business Promotion – Participate in missions and business meetings in Brazil and abroad, for market research, participation in international fairs and business roundtables.

Internationalization Programs – Get strategic information to enhance your competitiveness, and have full support for the internationalization of your company.

Documents for exportation 

CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN: Increase competitiveness in your exports through the Certificate of Origin, document that guarantees preferential access of goods in certain countries, according to norms established in commercial agreements.

ATA CARNET: It is a customs document, issued by the CIN / FIEG that ensures the customs transit of goods and products in the countries of destination, without the need for specific controls, and ensures a safe and agile return to their country of origin.

Investment Attraction – Access the most relevant information to assist decision making in the investment process in Brazil. Learn more at: